Don't Let Me go

Now, Don't Let Me Go is basically about not letting ourselves be closed out because we have a hard time communicating, and that it's really important to find our own way of expressing ourselves and what we believe, to the people around us. It's really important for us to find our own voice, because that is our true reflection. That's why there's this comparison between communication, expression and being able to fly and being free.
It's important to help ourselves communicate and express ourselves, because that's the way we can truly know ourselves and that's why, in my opinion, helping others find their voice is going to help them so much. Surely, all of us may have experienced communication blocks and it's not the most pleasant thing to feel, and so, it should be easy for us to empatise with people who are currently going through that. And when we do that, we may find out that some people are really communicative and have a lot to express, but something in their life, however trivial, may have stopped their efforts to do so. So, in the end, through communication, through understanding, together, we can overcome all hardships.