Let 'em burn

Let Em Burn is about moving on and looking forward to the future. Most of us, surely, at one point or another, we became some sort of collateral damage in other people's problems, and these things may have taken their toll on us. Maybe we changed our behaviour because of them, or maybe we changed the way we see the world because of them. Maybe, some of us have been stuck in a loop, searching closure and trying to find and understand reasons. But, sometimes, there are no reasons. Maybe some of us have reached some sort of mental block because of it, and it's not anybody's fault. But it doesn't have to be this way.

We need to understand that these things hold us back and keep us in a bad mental state. We need to understand that these things keep us from reaching our potential, as human beings. We need to understand that, sometimes, it's up to us to let ourselves let go and move on. Sometimes, we may just have to forgive and forget, for our own sake, especially if this seems hard. Holding on to old grudges is sad and counterproductive, and keeps us in a cage. Burning all bridges back to our grudges helps us overcome this block and start fresh, it helps us grow and reach our potential. Of course, we should remember to learn from all of this, because it's part of our development, but moving on will help us concentrate on what's ahead for us. And when we do this, we will find out that it wasn't the fact that we were hurt, but the way we kept on to it that actually hurt us more. 

So, i think the key is to forgive, to move on and look to the future, because this way, we make sure that better times are coming, for us.