unlived dream

Unlived Dream brings in the question about our past, about everything we did and lived up until this point, everything that happened so that we ended up here and now.
It talks about the fact that we are who we are because of all this, and we should not be ashamed of who we are and where we come from. All we should care about is our behaviour and the way we tried to better our situation and ourselves through the years, all the goals we tried to achieve, all the dreams that we lived.
We should not let the world change us, regardless of what happens. We shouldn't let the world make us forget who we are, or take us away from our own paths, because we will end up losing our identity, we will end up unliving our dreams.

We need to learn to cherish and embrace our past and learn to look upon the good side of things, because the way we manage everything that happens to us, ultimately defines who we are.
Also, we need to learn to look upon the good side of our present, and learn to live it so that, later, when our present becomes our past, we will look back and see beautiful moments, moments that we lived to the fullest, so that even if we will feel that our time has passed, we will be happy we did not waste our precious time.