save ourselves

Save Ourselves talks a lot about understanding and communication, like a most of the songs, on this first album.
Some of us, even many of us, may have been through some rough patches in our lives and, as such, many of us have developed a way of shutting ourselves in from the exterior, in one way or another.
This is the "wall" that the song talks about. And, ofcourse, in the short term, it really seems like a good coping mechanism, but it's an unhealthy habit, in the long term. 
To defend ourselves, we purposely built this inner wall, so we are responsible for it, big time. But in order for us to become better people, to better understand and empatize with each other, it's each of our own responsabilities to stop being afraid and to break the wall, confronting the outside world. It's in our best interest to escape the confines of the box we locked ourselves into.
And if we do this, we may just find out that there are a lot of people like us, with the same mindset, people that can understand, empatize and help. 
And the way we can do it is through knowing, through understanding and empatizing with ourselves, first, and then with others, around us, and then make that leap of faith. 
Because, as they say, you can't love others until you love yourself. So basically, the whole point of the song revolves around us all, understanding and accepting each other as human beings, with all our defects and differences.