We are Final Fiasco an Indie Electropop musical project with Alternative influences, waiting to be discovered by you.

Our main objective is to think outside the box and create music that breaks the traditional musical boundaries, bringing together numerous musical styles, potentially bringing about something that was never heard before.

It all started in the summer of 2017 with Andi Calin's (the band's voice), vision that wanted to bring something new to Romania's musical industry. His dream couldn't get close to reality without the help of drummer Andrei Baciu, and all other people supporting his work and ideas.

Starting in February 2019 with the first single "Save Ourselves", Final Fiasco began releasing music on all public platforms (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and many others), preparing for the April 2020 release of their first EP entitled "Unlived Dream".

Besides the fact that we are a team that always goes for gold, we are also good friends who help each other and put fun in the first place, mostly during our jam sessions and rehearsals.

Thanks for joining us.

andi calin


Andrei Baciu